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Ask us anything that is important for you in regards to life, love, dating and relationships after 50. Make SATP even more relevant for all of us.





Tune in to hear us discussing challenges, stories, experiences, the ups and downs and potential (sometimes unexpected) solutions and thoughts about dating, life and love. You’ll probably laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll finish each episode maybe a bit wiser. Know that we've got your back on your path to be or become the courageous and maybe even wild woman - you're meant to be.


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WE ARE Ariana, Brenda, Claudia, Mo & Marbella

Women Aged to Perfection 

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Leader. Lovers. Coaches. Friends. Wise Women. Survivors

Life can be wondrous sometimes. A couple of years ago we didn't know each other - and now we're starting a podcast together as our stories brought us to a point in life where our paths crossed.  Despite coming from different continents - Europe and USA - and states, we were all looking for love - finding this amazing man to share the second part of our life. And all of us had realized that sometimes it requires input and help from outside - other women - that keeps us from repeating the patterns of the past. 

We helped each other out A LOT in the last couple of years - and decided it was time to open up our community to an even bigger group of women.

So here we are now - ready to share all our wisdom, knowledge, stories and insights to a larger audience. To create a space for women our age that face similar struggles we do and did. And to help all of us out to successfully and joyfully navigate love and life after 50.

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Wisdom for every stage of your journey after 50 - regardless of whether you had a long marriage ending and have to start all over again or if you're tired of being on your own and want to find love and companionship again. Maybe you keep dating the "wrong" men and want to hear from other women who have broken the cycle.

Or you're struggling with aging and all that comes with it in your (love) life (we all do!!) - or you're wondering where your place is in a world that seems to be dominated by youth and the idealized woman -  we cover it all!

Navigating relationships & dating beyond 50

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Navigating aging & transforming in midlife

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Navigating... life and finding our place in this world

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