Delicious Little Things - 1 / The Pedicure

sharing understanding yourself Feb 01, 2024
Delicious Little Things - Pedicure

I just got done giving myself a pedicure. (not enough patience for mani-pedi) And well, it was so nice! I literally don’t remember the last time I gave myself a pedicure. I’ve been to places where I’ve received and paid for one, but not actually slowed down enough to give one to myself. And it was delicious…

I have a doctor’s appointment at a foot surgeon in a couple days and thought about the sorry shape of my feet and didn’t want to scare the poor guy. I walk a lot so they don’t stand a chance unless I go to someone. (I abuse my feet something fierce and when they literally started bleeding a couple weeks ago, I finally at least threw some lotion on my heels –once) Now don’t get me wrong, my feet are clean and Momma said always dry between your toes so they’re not ignored, they’re just not foot model material and too dry for their own good. Today, they were my tootsie babies.

As soon as I put them in the hot water, they were so happy. Like little feet “Aaaaaaahhhhhs” happening in the water. I soaped them up, lather everywhere and used that scrubby thing followed by what seems to be a mini-rasp do-dad. Old polish removed, nails scrubbed and clipped, softened cuticles immaculately pushed and reclaimed back into position. Until the final step of the lotion… Oh My God, were my feet happy! It was like little coos of joy and a rapid absorption of thick, wonderful lotion where my hands slid over grateful feet and ankles massaging all the little muscles and asking for forgiveness from the winter’s abuse.

And now they look wonderful, and we’re friends again! My doctor will not bill me extra for having to view such a tragedy and if I really, really try to care… I’ll keep up the lotion. But at least for today – it was a yummy connection with my own grateful body. Here’s to any and all connections we make pampering ourselves to give a just a little extra worship to the goddess within.

What are some of YOUR Delicious Little Things?