Honoring Love Ones Who've Passed

Feb 11, 2024

As I contemplate upgrading my iPhone and refuse to "add more storage"... I'm cleaning out old conversations, chats and photos just taking up memory. Thus far, I've encountered five friends or family members who've passed on and had to take a break. The jokes, the photos, the voicemails shared, it tugs at my heart greatly.


Getting into my 60's means accepting more beloved people in my life will be leaving us and although I understand it's coming, figuring out a way to honor them and keep them in my heart *without* saving every text, photo or email is a challenge. How do I do this with beauty, grace and honor?


I also believe it's a process that doesn't happen over night and one way I'm at least "freeing up space" is by using an app called "TouchCopy" (the paid version). It's excellent and I'm backing up all those things to an external drive so I can read/look/listen at them in the future if/when I want to stroll down memory lane --but it keeps the little stabs of loss to a manageable level from the random "3 years ago today" sneak attack. (Also on Facebook, you can go to to manage people or dates you don't want to be reminded of if it's helpful.)


Here's to living, loving and holding space --not necessarily in social media-- but in our hearts 💞 for those we'll always hold dear.