OFFICIAL FIRST episode - who we are and WHY we started this podcast...and what's in for you

There are many podcasts out there - WHY the heck do we start another one and what qualifies us to do so?

AND - what's in for you when listening to us 5 women?

Well - we can tell you - we did our due diligence - there is not a lot out there on this level for women like us. 50 or better - enjoying life AND struggling with stuff that catches up with us - ageing, how to love and live after 50 in a way that makes us happy, finding or being content with the "right" man etc.

So - listen in, get to know us a bit better and get an immediate look behind the scenes as we did not edit the beginning of the podcast...that's simply who we are - not perfect, navigating and correcting paths as we go ...and having fun while doing so.

Oh - and we even have a mission statement. Which will serve you and us to stay focused - and hopefully to create an impact for all of us.